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Happy Birthday Walter Koenig! by Therese-B
Happy Birthday Walter Koenig!
I hope Walter Koenig had a wonderful 79th birthday today (September 14, 2015) and that he got to see this! Bless you Sir, Our favorite Ensign! <3 <3
Happy 49th Star Trek by Therese-B
Happy 49th Star Trek

Hey Kids,

I interrupt my hiatus yet again to remind you all that today is a special anniversary!   Happy 49th Star Trek! You have truly lived Long and Prospered!

(And you may notice I threw in a little shout out to Stephen Colbert, who’s Late Night Show premieres tonight on CBS) :-)

See you on the 30th!

Hair Today Part I by Therese-B
Hair Today Part I
I just couldn’t resist!  Part II is in its 1st draft…   I'll be taking a hiatus for the rest of the Summer from my trek blog  I'll be back on September 30 with the sequel to this! Enjoy, and have a restful season love, Therese
Celeste is Cancer Free by Therese-B
Celeste is Cancer Free
Friends, I am so very happy to relay to you Celeste’s latest update.  She is FREE at LAST of CANCER!   She still has the blood clots, and will have to be on blood thinners for 6 months, but the fact that she is free of the stage 3 ovarian cancer is nothing but miraculous.

Celeste, I’m so happy for you, for you have worked so hard through a lot of hell to come out the other side of this.   YOU MADE IT!!!!  And being home with family and friends will surely improve you recovery and the love from all of us is a great hug of support and joy!  (Jumping with joy here!)

Of course, one has to be tested to be sure the cancer will not return, but I’m sure with love and support, it won’t have a chance.  And Friends, PLEASE remember to CONTINUE to SUPPORT Celeste’s cancer fund. Although the big battle of the physical cancer is mostly finished, the financial battle with seemingly endless bills is barely through.   I suspect that the medical bills for all the procedures so far are still trickling in, and there seems to always be yet another treatment or surgical detail to pay for.  Our support will help Celeste and Nazim meet the $50,000 goal.    At this writing, the fund is currently at  $28,41521,585 to go!  Every little bit, even $5 will help. You can donate here.

Thanks so much, and Celeste, Good Luck and God bless you on your continued recovery, and may it never come back.  I know you will truly Love Long and Prosper! -love, Therese xo

btw, I found this mandala design on the 'net and colored it in with Photoshop to compliment Celeste's scarf  :-)

74 - The Cloud Minders by Therese-B
74 - The Cloud Minders
Only 5 left!  Trek tackles an ageless problem here that still applies today.  This episode had a good premise, but could have been executed much better.  I give it credit for bringing up the disparity between classes though.
Just wanted to say Hi and Thanks for all your faves and I hope you're enjoying my latest contributions.  I just submitted my latest Star Trek poster (Wolf in the Fold) and I hope to eventually create all of the original episodes in old-movie-style posters. 
If any of my watchers know of groups that I could submit my art and photos to, please let me know!  You are also welcome to suggest my art to any of your favorite groups if you think it would work there.

I just recently received some animation software and I'm still learning how to use it, but I hope to have a cartoon up here sometime too!

Happy Creating and drop me a line sometime!


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United States
b.1961. Have loved creating all my life, in art, photography, writing and theater. Always creating, always learning.

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Thank you for all the nice comments you left on my Beatles fanarts! It's really appreciated. C:
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